What We Do

Bears of Hope makes handmade fabric bears for children and adults in crises. The bears give comfort and hope and are there for them to hug, hold, cuddle, or talk to whenever they feel sick, sad, hurt, or lonely.

The bears are not mass produced. They are lovingly made by volunteers.

No two bears are made with the same fabric. This makes each bear look slightly different and unique, just like the bear's recipient.


Who Gets Bears


Bears are given, at no cost, to various social service agencies for the children and adults they serve:

*Children with life-threatening illnesses and babies born with terminal birth defects.

*Abused women and children.

*Terminally ill and dying adults and children.

*Children hurt and in-trama from fire, accidents or    criminal activity.


The bears are not for sale.


Bears of Hope Bears



How We're Funded

We rely on the generosity of community-minded, caring individuals and  businesses financial* gifts. All funds received are only used to purchase what's needed for bears. We have no paid staff; we're all volunteers.

Join Us!  Support our Cause


By supporting Bears of Hope, YOU touch the lives of children and adults facing painful times and 'Make a Difference' in their life.

 To volunteer:  

bears@bearsofhope.com or 847-673-4098   


To make a financial* gift

 Send YOUR check to:

 Bears of Hope, 8331 Kostner, Skokie, IL 60076



*Donations to Bears of Hope are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes; they support materials to make bears for sick children and adults.