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We Make For Good

Bears of Hope uses Fairfield Processing Poly-fil to stuff its bears.  Since 2009, the Bears have been participating in Fairfield's We Make For Good program. It's all about people making handmade crafts, quilts and more, which are donated to people in need.

Fairfield’s marketing department gave Bears of Hope's contact information to Jane Monzures, a local TV and radio personality on WGN.  Monzures was asked to put together a video about Fairfield’s We Make for Good program and wanted Bears of Hope to be included.

Carolyn was surprised when Monzures called and wanted to interview her for Fairfield’s video. On December 5, 2017, Monzures and videographer, Cameron Downing, came to Bears of Hope’s headquarters. Carolyn was interviewed and three Bears volunteers, Joannie Purvin, Yvonne Sloan & Sandy Taylor were taped working on bears.

The video, We Make For Good will be on www.FairfieldWorld.com in 2018.